What we do



Training & E‑Learnings

The introduction and roll‑out of new tools and processes require systematic user training. Our qualified trainers develop the skills and increase the knowledge of your users dynamically and effectively. We structure your individual training requirements and all contents together with you to optimize them for all your users.

For long‑term success and sustainable excellence of both experienced and new users, we recommend including e‑learnings as part of your training concept. We offer the production of tailored how‑to‑videos or interactive manuals to maximize the added value for your company by maintaining a high level of expertise with your users.


Quality Management System

To ensure consistent quality, exceeding customer expectations, and establish standardized, efficient processes and documentation, our experts take a snapshot of your company’s needs and deliver a unique customer experience in supporting you to achieve the ISO 9001:2015 certification.

ISO 9001:2015 is an internationally recognized standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS) that provides a framework for organizations to establish, maintain, and continually improve their processes and products. This enables you to focus on customer satisfaction and demonstrates commitment to quality, which can give your company a competitive advantage and enhance global recognition. Lean processes with clear roles and responsibilities promote employee engagement and alignment with your company’s quality goals.


Environmental Management System

To implement eco-friendly processes and provide training for your employees, our experts will assess your operations and create a tailored plan to meet ISO 14001:2015 requirements. We will work alongside your team and support you in every step of the way.

ISO 14001:2015 is a globally recognized standard that helps companies improve their environmental performance. It provides a framework to manage environmental impact effectively and achieve sustainability objectives. Implementing an Environmental Management System (EMS) will help your company reduce its environmental footprint, use resources more efficiently, and stay competitive in a market where sustainable products and services become increasingly important.


Integrated Management System

To establish or enhance your digital management system, our experts in sustainability, quality and environmental management provide tailored solutions that cater to your company’s needs. Together with our software partners, we deliver a unique customer experience, whether you are looking for support with an individual management system or you would like to set up an Integrated Management System (IMS).

An IMS combines several management systems in one unified framework and facilitates the implementation of end‑to‑end processes, which enables you to drive value by promoting synergies and bundling resources.


Project Management

Our IPMA® certified project managers can both lead projects according to pre‑defined scope, schedule, and budget, and support your project managers to reach their goals. Furthermore, we are experienced in implementing various project management tools and processes. We help you establish a strong project management culture in your company by finding the solution that best fits your needs and expectations.